Medical Record Retrieval Specialist

Position Summary:
The primary objective of a Retrieval Specialist is to establish ongoing communication with each custodian of record. The purpose of maintaining an open line of communication is to acquire the requested records, an Affidavit of No Records, or other necessary correspondence for the client. This is accomplished by making regular phone calls or through other means of contact with the custodian of record. As the due date approaches all communication should intensify to obtain the client’s desired result. All communication with facilities is documented both by our in-house computer system. Generally, our clients view the progress of their order through timely and accurate updates from our in-house system.The secondary objective of a Retrieval Specialist is to maintain a consistent organization of their desk (this is defined as processing each order per procedure without overlooking or not completing the order in a timely manner), ensure all items being requested on each order are accurate and accounted for, uploading completed records, and coordinate the obtaining of records by fax, mail, or email. A Retrieval Specialist will do the following functions when necessary: create new orders, close orders, Upload completed orders.

Job FunctionsEssential Functions
· Call and establish the lines of communication with custodians of record
· Make regular and persistent phone calls and/or other means of contact with each custodian to complete each order   timelyCall and email customers
· Enter viewable and non-viewable updates into the our computer system to document all conversations with custodians, all   progress of orders, and all tracking of orders. (documented due diligence)
· Maintain an organized rotation of all work orders in possession to ensure orders are called according to priority (generally     by due date)
· Provide quality control for all incoming records when matching to a work order. (i.e. record subject identifying information   and type of records requested vs. what was received)

Educational Requirements
· High school graduate and/or GED equivalent. Some college desirable but not required.

Experience Requirements
·Prior work experience in customer service, a call center, medical, legal, or insurance claims office is desirable but not  required.

Skills and Abilities
· Microsoft Office Suite
· Good understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives.
· Excellent telephone communication skills.
· Highly self motivated and self directed.
· Ability to absorb new ideas and concepts quickly.
· Introductory analytical, problem-solving abilities and decision making abilities.
· Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks.
· Introductory written, interpersonal and organizational skills.
· Some understanding of the internal processes of medical facilities and med-legal terminology.
· Multi-tasking skills essential
· Bi-lingual a plus

Type: Part-time

Status: Open

Start: July 13, 2015

Created: July 6, 2015

Last updated: July 6, 2015

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