Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive records?

Speedy turn around times are important to us! We will make every effort to have your records to you in 10 business days. We will follow up with you 4 days after we receive your request to give you an approximate time frame for receipt of your records.

Does Gateway Record Solutions provide status updates?

Absolutely. Just log on to your dashboard to view real time status updates and notes on the progress of your request.

How do I get my records?

Once we receive your records, we will notify you that they are ready to be downloaded from your dashboard. You will be able to open the file or store it to your system. We strive to make this process 100% digital.

How do you handle provider fees?

We pay all of the provider fees upfront in order to obtain your records as quickly and efficiently as possible. The provider fees are added to our one low price for easy, convenient payment.

How do I know I am not being overcharged for provider fees?

We have a dedicated team that checks each fee to make sure the providers are held to state law regulating fees associated with each request.

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